Sproutly had the opportunity to work with one of the largest school districts in the nation, located in an historic and culturally-rich setting. They are a community of almost 20,000 caring employees working together with parents, families, volunteers and community members to support the limitless potential of more than 200,000 young scholars. They are committed to educating and graduating generations of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, government officials and change makers.

Their Mission

The District aims to deliver on the civil right of every child in the geographic region it serves to provide an excellent public school education and ensure all children graduate from high school ready to succeed, fully engaged as a citizen of our world.

The Problem

The District was in need of a web-based application that could enable teachers to plan and implement daily community meetings with their students. The community meeting tool was designed for building relationships and promoting emotional health in the classroom.

Several screens showing the platform Sproutly built for the school district.

The Solution

The District has a large database of materials teachers can access as part of their meeting. We were tasked with building an application that would allow teachers to browse and filter these materials to include them in the agenda for their meetings. The application allows teachers to run meetings and includes a timer to help keep the meeting on schedule. Sproutly utilized Google Login to secure the data and limit access to only District staff and have regular check-ins with District stakeholders to ensure a seamless integration with other digital district tools. As an example, the materials used within the community meeting app are created within Google Slides and added to the community meeting database. This product was built using Flutter and Firebase and deployed to the web for use on the teacher’s Chromebooks.

"The community meeting app is a gift to classroom teachers. It saved me so much time and allowed me to plan ahead, choose my entire meeting, including all four components (greeting, sharing, activity and closure) for a week at a time. There was so much content to choose from whenever we wanted variety, but my class often found a few favorites that we returned to again and again. I really appreciated this one time during the day when I could choose what was best for my class through the year. Thank you!"

- a teacher from the District

The Building Blocks

There are hundreds of Google Slides across all grade levels that comprise the building blocks of a community meeting. All of these Google Slides fall into one of the four parts of a Community Meeting:

Flow chart of the building blocks.
Calendar v

Teachers use one Google Slide from each part to build a community meeting every day to plan, schedule, and build out their community meetings.

The dashboard below is for seeing their week at a glance. The building process begins here by using a saved presentation right on the dashboard or selecting a day to start building a new presentation.

Dashboard to see an overview of their week.

The application allows teachers to run meetings and includes a timer to help keep the meeting on schedule.

A screenshot of the platform in use.

“The staff and leadership that make up Sproutly have been essential to the development and improvement of our District's comprehensive social and emotional development via "the App." After implementing district-wide community meetings we connected with Sproutly and tasked developers with the challenge of meeting our vast and diverse needs - they exceeded our expectations. My team looks forward to every meeting and work session with Sproutly.”

-Administrator from large urban school district, current Sproutly client